7 trends in Digital Marketing to look forward to

7 trends in Digital Marketing to look forward to

From adapting jeans to the Dalgona coffee thing, we are all subjected to the objectives of this ever evolving gala of trends. When it comes to individuality, following a trend is mostly psychological. Its about the fear of being forgotten, being lost in abyss of oblivion. But when its comes to business, its about losing your place in the market. And trends in digital marketing is one thing you need to be aware of. Let’s explore the most critical ones.

Predicative Lead Score:
How efficient will your job be if you only have to target the people that you can eventually convert? If you have a manual process built around life cycle stages and traffic source, you’re wasting time when technology has created the solution.

Predictive lead scoring rates your contacts based on the likelihood to close. This score is based on factors like email engagement, social engagement, spam, demographic information, behavior, and company information.

Voice Search:
We talked about this extensively in the previous blog. Camscore says that around 50% of users use voice search. We have already covered the meaning and importance of SEO in the last blog, so I am pretty sure we understand how important this transition will be.

Google Discover:
Did you know that you can have your content found organically without people searching for it? Google Discover creates a user specific feed based on browser history, AI, and marked interests. This is a big upcoming source of referral traffic that can deliver your content directly to interested prospects.

Minimalist Website:
They say, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But hey! It doesn’t work that way with websites. Personally, I judge a website in 15-20 seconds. I know if I am right or wrong but I intend to stay this way because I have so many options.

Website design that’s heavily text centric and difficult to navigate is likely to overwhelm and confuse in that short time span. That means a high bounce rate and lost opportunities.

Non-traditional social media platform:
Surprisingly, Whatsapp and TikTok have more active users than Instagram and Twitter. So those days of Facebook and Instagram are going to evolve because Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and TikTok have pushed their way into the game.
WhatApp and Messenger have functionality that allows businesses to provide customer support, share updates, and promote content. Due to the sheer volume of active users, these newer platforms are blue oceans that are ready for early adopters.

Social Listening:
Social listening is the practice of looking into brand mentions to get a pulse on what users, promoters and detractors are saying.

Social listening has largely been used to this point as a reactive marketing tactic for communicating with customers. As AI technology becomes stronger and is applied to social listening analytics, the way in which this tactic is used will change dramatically. Social listening analytics can begin to be used in a proactive way to identify trends and help inform marketing strategy.

High Cost per Click:
I am pretty sure that you are not surprised by this. Its the basic norm of economics. There are limited number of keywords and the companies bidding on these keywords are increasing exponentially. The rise in cost per click is inevitable. It’s important to understand this trend, even though it isn’t an easy pill to swallow. Anticipate an increase in paid media advertising budgets (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) to accommodate more competitive search and CPCs.
Focusing your big strategy to maximize conversions can be an automated strategy to lower CPCs vs. relying on a manual CPC strategy.
So that is it by my side. If you believe that there are other trends that are supposed to be in this list, please let us know in the comment section. Over and out 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.