How utobo is helpful for creators during the quarantine

With the global cases rising to 723,319 due to Covid-19 and various schemes intended to the extension of the country’s state of emergency, there is no doubt in the fact that the world is going through a tough phase and the only way people can contribute to this situation is by staying indoors. Self-isolation measures are put in place at various locations and governments all around the world have closed educational institutes in an attempt to contain the global pandemic. According to UNESCO monitoring, more than 100 countries have implemented nationwide closures, impacting over half of the world’s student population. India has the largest population of age bracket 5-24, which means these people will be losing the opportunity of gaining an education in these dark times. And so will the students of the world. But we are living in the 21st century and giving up the right to education in this digitized world is just irrational for such an evolved species.

It is time for tutors to come up and fill this demand-supply gap in the education sector. And that is why utobo has its vision to craft the future of the education system where learning will be economical, collaborative, intuitive and fun. Through the very beginning, we wanted to make a positive difference to this world and now is the time we gear up all our strengths to fight this pandemic with numerable codes and innumerable efforts. 

utobo offers online service at various platforms through web and mobile applications that are seamlessly integrated. There is no need to be an expert in coding when it comes to imparting education as utobo takes care of it. It offers an easy user interface that helps to arrange different subjects, topics, audio, video, presentations, etc. in the most effective manner. utobo can also consolidate with any kind of software such as CRM, Billing, ERP, Email, Payment Gateways or hardware applications such as biometric systems and bar code printers. It is the only marketplace that offers ‘Class Isolation’ with affordable pricing and performance tracker features.

If you are someone who wants to make a difference in these hard times but lack the financial power, get our ‘freemium’ platform where you get 2 GB storage, 10 GB Bandwidth, upload various courses, test series and manage the admissions. Along with these, our team will provide you with great support and even greater smiles. All of this, at no cost. 

If you are an established player in the education sector and wish to support the quarantined kids, get our premium version where you get 10 GB storage, 200 GB Bandwidth, your website, unlimited courses and tests, unlimited students, the student support module, live classes, and reports and analytics. Along with this, our efficient support system will resolve any problem you face and bid you a heartfelt adieu full of gratitude; the gratitude you will deserve for trying to save the future of this ever-evolving ball of magic.

For the well-established institutes, who cater to the big batches of the future generation, we also have the Enterprise version where you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, a website with your domain name (everything still managed by utobo at the backend), unlimited courses and tests, unlimited students, the student support module, live classes, and reports and analytics. utobo is the place an institute would want to be to have a holistic experience of imparting the knowledge and education digitally.

Come, teach and cherish the feeling of unity in these hard times and misinformation. The world leaders are doing their best but it is our duty too, to prevent this Coronavirus blizzard to turn into a Coronavirus winter.

Thanks for reading 😀

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