Earth Day 2020

4.54 billion years. The Earth we tread on, is 4.54 billion years old. I am sure that wherever you live, you either have a dense forest, a coastline or a mountain that you are proud of. I am proud of the coastline of Diu because I feel home there and the people of my town make sure that the tourists of this magical place feel home too. But we are a guest on this mystic planet just for a few decades. The impression that these places make on you will be the memories you will have in your last days. Then why aren’t we working hard to fulfill these memories with more trees, a decent coastline and more oxygen?

                "Earth is crammed with heaven. But only he who sees, removes his shoes."

I don’t know what Elizabeth Barrett Browning was thinking when she wrote the above quote but to me, it makes total sense. After all it has provided in so many years, we are supposed to worship this planet. But we are busy filling our pockets with wood of the trees and the oxygen they provide. Whenever you step into a temple, you remove your shoes. I cannot stop but connect this dot to the above quote. That’s the amount of respect we are supposed to give to this beautiful world of purple rain and crimson flowers.

The surface of the Earth is warming up. The sea level is rising because all the beautiful glaciers that took our breath away are dwindling down with the day. The world leaders are doing good by coming up with policies that can help the world to decrease the carbon footprint. But it is just not enough. We are still depleting the ozone layer with a high rate and hurting the ozone layer will create a situation of skin cancers and increased temperatures. I have never seen a snowfall but I am sure that I will experience it one day. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my kids.

                                "We produce more rubbish than any other pollutant."

If your are surprised by reading the above fact, I have got bad news for you. Think of any pollution you know of. Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution — We have a part to play in everything. Increasing population has led to increasing use of petrol run vehicles and the amount of pollution it creates is astonishing. Well, it was astonishing before; now we are all aware of it and we still keep increasing it. Think of all the garbage we produce. It all goes to the ocean. We don’t realize that every piece of garbage harms the process of recycling the water and also kills many fishes. Around 97% of water is not drinkable. We are just adding to that number.

Ironically, the best days that the Earth had is right now. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone is shut behind the doors. There are no vehicles on the road, less pollution in the air and more animals on the land. I am not a religious person but I do believe in Karma. COVID-19 has taken thousands of lives and it is one of the worst problems that mankind ever faced but you just can’t ignore the fact that our mother earth is healing. Our prayers go out to the people and their families who had to lose their lives due to this pandemic.

Let us make sure that we can do what we are capable of, in order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our lives. We cannot stop the virus from killing us but we can help the ones who are suffering from the problems. To stop this kind of pandemic to hurt us the next time, it is important that everyone is educated enough. Education sector is taking a big hit due to COVID-19 and it is time for us to go online and educate the future of our world so that they can take better steps when push comes to shove.

It’s time that we redeem ourselves so that the next generations can live a life on this planet and the dream of colonizing Mars is still far in their future. Through this blog, I would like to request everyone to plant a tree near your home in this quarantine so we move one step forward towards a greener world. Happy Earth Day! Stay Home Stay Safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.