How can the companies make sure that the employees are focused while working from home?

Human beings as individuals and human beings as a group, all are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Think of a ball under a plank. You are standing on that plank. The same is the situation with thousands of companies around the world. They are dangling between saving their company and keeping their employees. They need to maintain the balance and move forward because a hint of extra weight on either side will bring down the whole company. In this blog, we will discuss various tactics that a company can use to keep their employees focused.

Game it up:

Games are known to be the best distraction and reliever when it comes to work. I am sure we have all realized this throughout our lives. Some of us did it extravagantly by playing Volleyball just a day before board exams. It cost me a couple of marks but it felt good to go out of the books and knock one off for the evening. Companies can adapt to this because in this lockdown, almost every employee is working from home. And in that aura of comfort, people tend to loose sight of what’s important give up to the desire to procrastinate. We lose focus when we stay in our comfort zones and at times, we get complacent.
If companies can successfully carry out game hours during a day, the employees will be more engaged and focused. In this way, one side of our metaphorical plank can be managed well.


Upskilling refers to the process of teaching current employees new skills. As technology creates opportunities, employers seek to fill new jobs with candidates who possess specialized skill sets. Every new technology advancement leads to few more advancements. These advancements will create a skill gap within the workforce of any organisation.
The company requires to adapt to a great online learning platform which can provide a wholesome learning experience, user-friendly interface, great support system and impeccable feedback.

Happy Hours:

McDonalds pops up in my mind right away when I hear happy hours. A great brand recall! Managers can come up with happy hours where there free giveaways of various Amazon or Flipkart gift cards. Various coupons of cafes and restaurants can be given to them. It can work as a great incentive for the employees to participate in games.

Employee of the Week program:

Employee of the month programs are easy to ridicule but it has been proved important by many big companies as they have adapted to this tactic to enhance employee performance.
We are going with “ Employee of the week” program because while working from home, the peer learning is bound to reduce and the attention span of employees will also decrease. To mitigate this problem, employee of the week can be of great importance as the employees with race towards weekly goals with great focus and enthusiasm.

Team-Building Exercise:

Team-Building exercises are the root for any organisation. In many B-schools, the program begins with an outbound learning program. This outbound learning program consists of various team building exercises which enable the students to work efficiently in teams. Many companies also take their employees to such outdoors for team building exercises.
It is definitely not possible to carry out such exercises during the lockdown but the companies can come up with various exercises that can enable the employees to perform in teams and generate results.

Google Drive:
Companies are bound to have documents and presentation. This documentation is a tough task to carry out while working from home. Creating a drive will enable the employees to upload documents on the drive and everyone can have access to them.

Tools for working remotely:

A few days back, I posted a blog about productivity apps and here is the link. Some of these apps are really important for teams to work together and communicate at the same time. Companies can subscribe to such apps and make the remote working environment easy.

In the next blog we will discuss the games that can played by the employees to stay in the game. Until then, stay home stay safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.