The Incentive: How can the company incentivize its employees to be more engaged while working from home?

Man is a social animal. We do everything after a good amount of reasoning and that reasoning is basically determining our interests in the situation and how to fulfill those interests. And you cannot call it selfish by any means, particularly in business.

While working from home, any employee may get lethargic even on his best day and its quite normal when you make a transition from desks to comfy chairs, beds and couches. But for the company to just wait for the employee to be productive is never a good idea. We have already discussed the importance of games in order to make employees more productive. Let’s find out the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ aspect of incentivizing employees to keep them engaged.

The Why

Increased productivity:
If the employees are more engaged with the company while working from home, they will spend less time somewhere else and that will enable the employee to direct all energy towards the task at hand. This will eventually increase the productivity of the employee and the company as a whole.

Increased focus:
Being more engaged, the employee will be less likely to fall into the abyss of lethargy. A constant touch with peers and the manager will keep clarifying the goals the assigned to the employees and keep him focused.

Peer learning:
No matter you left school years ago, peer learning will keep gaining its importance forever. Being engaged with other employees, they will be in track of all things. They will be aware of how productive the other employee is or what others are working on. This will enable the employees to push themselves to the best.

The How

Happy Hours:

Are you thinking of McDonalds again? Or it a pub? Whatever it is, you need to stop because you are not going to get any of those right now 😛 Personally, I believe that ‘Happy Hours’ is one of the best marketing strategies for eateries and pubs. Companies can adapt to this concept in their organisation and enable the employee engagement within the company. Let’s understand this with an example.
If the company has come up with Mad Ads program, the company can incentivize the employees beforehand with various gift cards if everyone is ready to play on a particular time. The company can come up with different gifts for the top 3 winners.
In this way, everytime the company initiates a game or an exercise, incentivizing will give the employees a reason to participate and they will be more engaged. This increased engagement will eventually increase the employee productivity.

Employee of the Week program:

The ‘Employee of the Month’ program is running in the game since a long time. I mean who does not like recognition? We are all fond of being praised and appreciated by others. Didn’t we all work hard to top in the class so everyone would praise us and we get a chance to act modest but explode bombs inside our heads? I believe ‘Employee of the Week’ program will be a better initiative due to following reasons.

a.Target settings:
The companies can efficiently set targets for every employee if this program is implemented. These employees can then have a path to walk on to and they will have clarity of the weekly tasks.
b. Healthy Competition:
For the employees, this program will initiate a fierce competition every week to win the award. This is a type of competition that is healthy for the organisation because there will be a good rise in productivity as everyone would want to win.
c. Employee Recognition:
To find the right person to do the job, that is the name of the game. And after the company finds them, it is the company’s responsibility to recognize the efforts put in by them so that they are appreciated and motivated to work more.

The right tech tools:

With Google Hangouts and Skype on hand, it has become quite easy to get everyone on video and have a good video interaction with employees. This will get them more aware of the tasks and keep them focused.
The company can also subscribe to various application to enable continuous communication of goals. OfficeVibe is a good example of that.
Using Google applications like Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets is really important for teams that are working remotely. It enables the teams to work together efficiently and if these teams have good humour, they might even have a ball of banters in while typing.

I hope it helped you in some way. Happy Engaging. Stay Home Stay Safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.