Unlocking the Student-Teacher potential with EdTech

Unlocking the Student-Teacher potential with EdTech

The relationship of a student and a teacher has always been perceived as one of the most sacred relationship in our world. It is the only relationship that stands high with a parent-child relationship. I never understood this analogy until my teacher gave up all his materialistic dreams in order to be a saint. The lessons were constrained to maths and science when he was my school teacher, but when we entered a different world, that is when I realized how important it is for a person to have a teacher in his life. In my case, our relationship unlocked its potential when we had the clarity of our goals and the syncing of it with each other’s. This is the scenario we need in this debatable system of education. And in this case, the solution happens to be the hustling world of Education Technology.

What is EdTech?

EdTech is basically the use of technology to make learning easy and intuitive. EdTech creates,uses and manages the technological resources and innovates the learning process in order to enhance academic performance.

Why Edtech?

Let us get into the present situation first.

Transforming Education in this Coronavirus blizzard

Most of the countries have opted for school closure and about 1.6 billion students in the world are trying their best to get upto speed for education. This is where Edtech comes in. Education Technology is a low cost medium to obtaining education of high quality. Hence, it is great solution to the disruption that Coronavirus has created in the education sector.

High Quality Content

The most important aspect of learning is the quality of the content. In the old times, the content was always dependent on the teacher but nowadays, even if you are not clear with the concept that your teacher taught you, open a new tab and have at it. It is that simple.

But if you choose learning on a particular platform, find an efficient platform that gives you a wholesome classroom experience, good content and good tutors. The same thing goes for the tutors. If you believe you can teach, post content on the platform, take lives classes and make a positive impact.

Flexibility in schedules

I hated waking up at 7 AM because I had a test at 8 AM. Okay I woke up at 7:40 AM but you get the point, right? Online Learning enables you to schedule tests on your own time. You get a framework of when you would like to prepare for the test and give it anytime you want. You might think that you are going to cheat if you give a test without an invigilator. That would make two of us 😛 But the thing is, eventually you will realize that the scores don’t matter unless you learnt the concept. I learnt it the hard way during my CAT preparations.

Testing on your own time will also enable you to be confident about the skills you garnered. Isn’t that the whole point of it?

Learning from experts

We have all complained that we scored less because the teacher didn’t teach well. I don’t know about you guys but my dad never bought it. But these days, you can select your own teacher ; a teacher you think is the expert in the domain. This ensures that you are in the right hands and on the right path. Moreover you don’t have to face the teacher you dislike because all that will matter is the education you get from the expert.

If you’re a world-class expert on a particular topic, you’re probably pretty busy. Most likely, you’re continuing to work in your field, which takes up most of your time and attention. These world-class experts spend their time on their area of expertise, and they don’t have time to visit every classroom around the world to teach other people.

How can EdTech unlock this potential?

I have always been wary of asking doubts in front of a class. Kids judge people on the questions other kids ask. This brings us to our first point.

Individual attention

For a teacher, the ultimate goal is to make sure that every student got the concept right and no doubts are prevailing. This is almost impossible in school classrooms. But teaching on an online platform can enhance this relationship by getting solved each doubt that any student has.

I have been a student all my life and one thing I want is individual attention from my teacher. And it doesn’t stop at solving doubts. I like to have healthy discussions about radical thoughts I have sometimes. With e-Learning, this can be achieved easily.

Personalized Learning

Every student has different cognitive abilities and different grasping powers. A proper edtech solution can ensure that a general module is built which will cater to needs of every student. And if the student hasn’t grasped the gist of a lecture, he can replay it and make sure that he is upto speed.

Enhancing understanding of a subject

EdTech has enabled the tutors to teach a concept with pictures and videos. This will make the life easy and efficient for any tutor and it will ensure that the students has grasped the topic with not only words but pictures and videos too. A picture speaks a thousand words, they say.

Efficient tutoring

Edtech solutions have already started relieving teachers of charting out the courses, scheduling sessions, keeping records, assigning tasks and projects. The grading tool has automated the objective grading and has removed manual grind. Relieved of daily chores, teachers can now focus on student engagement and devote more time to their core work of teaching.

Hence, I have come to believe that EdTech is a beautiful medium for student and teachers to lay down down their objectives, sync them up and climb this mountain of success stories with ease. Stay Home Stay Safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.