Why Content Marketing?

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” Seth Godin said this and the world we live in keeps proving him right by consuming enormous amount of content. Over 75% of people say they read blogs on daily basis. Now, blog is just one type of content. Video content has a whole different story. Hubspot says, marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. Moreover, content marketing gives 3x more leads than paid search advertising. The human imagination never ceases to astound me.

Content Marketing is a strategic business process where you focus on creating and promoting high quality, relevant and engaging content to an already defined audience & earn leads to achieve higher profits. It helps the company to build a relationship with the customers. This relationship builds trusts and this trust drives revenue.

Content does more than just filling up your web pages, it builds confidence amongst your current and your soon to be clients too. It helps you create great brand awareness and drives traffic to your website where your products or services are featured. Content Marketing does not only benefit the company with exploding revenues and leads. It explains your product in the best way possible and using that you can make the life of your salesman easy. CMS and WordPress saw more than 80 millions post a month their website. Isn’t it unfathomable?

Content making is about stopping yourself to interrupt what people are interested in and be what they are interested in. You need to engage the customer with your story and make them a part of it. And let’s not forget one important thing ; making best content won’t give you higher revenue but promoting best content will. Lee Odden said, ” Content isn’t the king, its the whole kingdom.” Let’s find out why the world agrees with him.

Brand Awareness

Content Marketing helps a company create brand awareness about the product, to a defined target audience at a very low cost. Advertising and PR can be a very costly. Content Marketing can get you not only your defined audience but also make those people aware about your product who didn’t know you exist. Video content is preferred more for brand awareness as it helps the user know exactly what are your services and products, the more likely the people know about your business the more likely they are to pay you a visit and avail benefits from your business.

Creating Links

What makes other websites want to link to your website? The answer is simple: “Great Content”. If you are able to create the best content then other websites may want to link their web content with yours. Depending on the site that has linked with your content, you might be able to get huge traffic in a very quick time. The benefits of backlinking are not just limited to this but, backlinking proves to be one of the main criteria which is considered necessary to help your websites rank. If websites with high DA (Domain Authority) score and PA (Page Authority) score links with yours then you can expect a high number of people visiting your website with the help of your links. This in fact also increases your Page Authority.

Educating your visitors

This is taking “Atithi Devo Bhava” to a whole different level. Instead of offering snacks to the guests, you offer them knowledge. The customers buy from people they trust. Educating them with great content is a way wonderful way to make them trust you. For example, Utobo posts great content everyday to ensure that our visitors don’t go without learning something.

Creating a bond

Once your content is good enough for people to believe in you then you have your fan base right there. After that, the more the content you share with your esteemed followers the stronger the bond gets, making you and your marketing strategy unbreakable.

Lead Generation

A company can only survive if it makes revenues. These revenues can be can earned by converting good leads. Great content can define your product in the best possible way and this makes the life of your salesman easy. This leads to smooth lead generation. This lead generation enables the company to earn greater revenues.

Great Content is the best sales tool in the world.

I hope you are having fun being a guest to our virtual home. Stay Home Stay Safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.