Why do Digital Marketers fail?

Success is not just about doing the right things. It is also about knowing what you did wrong in previous steps, learning from them and not repeating them. Before we jump into the blog, it should be be clear to everyone that in business, a wrong foot can cost you a thousands of rupees but earn you millions of lessons. Making mistakes is not the ultimate failure, not jumping back from it is the failure. Sit back, relax and just go through the mistakes you should avoid making if you are pursuing digital marketing for your business. 

Not assigning a proper budget:

 It is simple and straightforward. You cannot just implement something just because it is trending. If you decide to implement a program, you need to be committed to it. Without proper budget, every effort you make will not reap the results. Making good content won’t earn you leads and revenues but promoting good content will. You will need to invest in paid campaigns in order to achieve high exposure for your content. Organic promotions will also work but that should be a plan to make a basic audience. You also need a good budget to bid on keywords as its boils down to increasing traffic on your website.

Not implementing consistently: 

Companies have been known to quit on their digital marketing because it failed to show result in the short run. Digital Marketing is a process and not just one time strategy. As we talked about the great content above; even if you have great content , you need to be patient to rank higher. Google cannot index 100% of your content. You will need to keep ‘publishing’ great content throughout. If you lose patience and quit, you will fall to square one. I am a cricket geek and all I have known about the game is consistency. That is what  made Virat Kohli great. If you don’t do something consistently, you will die in the oblivion of the gravelled. And for organic success, consistency is the key and it cannot be avoided. You need to publish consistently in order to achieve higher domain authority.

Not publishing content: 

There is an aphorism in Gujarati which translates into “ The one who speaks, will sell his berries.” This is a no brainer. If you don’t sell anything , no one is going to buy. What will Google index if you don’t give it anything to index? Content is the criteria first. Making good content is the next part. If you don’t even do the former, you can’t expect to rank higher. One of the most important reasons to make content is to avoid high bounce rates. If you don’t have any content on your website, it will be a mundane experience for the visitors and they will leave soon. It goes without saying that publishing content is the most important aspect of digital marketing.

Trying to make everything perfect:

Perfect is the enemy of done. If you wait to make content that is deemed perfect in someone’s eyes, it will stall your efforts to rank higher. I am not suggesting that you should publish below average content, all I am suggesting is that it does not have to be perfect. If your efforts are stalled at every content, Google will have less content to index and your rank won’t get any higher. 

Lack of a process or a framework: 

If you are not structured well, you can’t expect your clients to understand your company and trust you. There should be people accountable and responsible for content, SEO and other nuances of digital marketing. 
This can be achieved by implementing RACI framework.

Responsible – Who is assigned to do the job?

Accountable – If anything goes wrong, who will be held accountable?

Consulted – Who can tell me more about this task?

Informed – Who has to be kept updated for this task?

Trying to hit every strategy for a six: 

Strategy making in digital marketing is about taking singles and putting up a huge score with intermittent boundaries. If you try to hit everything for a six, you will stall your efforts by dodging the tough balls for dot ones and survive with a low score. This is what makes Test Cricket great. Again and again, I will keep repeating that you will need to be patient to see the results for digital marketing. If it were a T-20 kind of strategy, the business world would be filled with metaphorical Kohlis everywhere. That’s not the way content marketing works. Very few content pieces go viral. The odds are stacked against it. It’s the regular, frequent and consistent publishing of content that will grow your traffic and conversion.

Lack of understanding of industry and competitors:

 Research is the base of everything. You will need to create a base to make an understanding about the things you will be dealing. Making strategies without researching about the market and the competitors is walking in the dark. You will not know when you are walking into a pit because you won’t see it. It is important to understand the market to realize what is trending and what works for many customers. It is also important to know what the customer requires of you.It is important to understand the competitors to realize how the competition is tacking their pitfalls and coming through with success. 

Working through wrong channels:

This is an important one because ignoring the right channels will again walk you in the dark into a pit that is deep enough to be the grave. You need to be clear about the sources through which you will generate leads. If everything is planned at the last moment, you will have many gaps to fill and few hands to fill them. It is important for companies to define the conversion path of their leads so that everything can fall in place. The company should also know the right workflows for converting leads. At utobo, our system defines it with doing live demos for tutors to convince them of our capabilities and convert them.

 Ignoring Backlink building: 
This is a concept that is well known but weakly implemented. The companies should find relevant websites and post content on them. This will create an authority of the company on the web and Google is eventually realize the growing company and index it higher after rating its content. Backlinking is really important to make a SEO presence. 

Trying to defy the Google Algorithms: 

I can’t stress on this enough. Google is just too smart to hand it easy to you. We have discussed in the previous blog about how Google keeps updating it algorithms every now and then. You will need to avoid keyword stuffing and make a below average content. You will also need to optimize your content is this fast pace world and plan your SEO through locations. If you fail at this, you will dangle in the next pages of any Google search. 

It all boils down to patience, planning and prose. If you succeed at this, the next steps are just extensions to these three. Hope this helped. Share your experience of digital marketing in the comment section so you can help others learn from your mistakes. Stay Home Stay Safe 🙂

Avinash Somjani is an intern at utobo and he is currently pursuing his MBA at SIBM Bengaluru. He is passionate about sports, science fiction, history and the ever changing colour of his pen.